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Implant Retained Overdentures from Malta Dental

Implant retained overdentures from Malta Dental, Cosmetic and Implant ClinicImplant overdentures are a great solution to teeth lost through illness, accident and deficient care. The loss of a single tooth can lead to the loss of other teeth. We have dentures available to replace missing teeth and stop the chain reaction caused by tooth loss. Our implant overdenture solutions can restore an attractive and natural smile.

Implant retained overdentures are a comfortable alternative to traditional dentures. They are constructed over the top of a retaining / supportive implant abutment and then fitted into the implant fixture in the bone. 

Various fittings can be used, including ball attachments and bars with clips to attach the denture. At all our dental practices you can be sure that your dentist will fully assess your needs and decide on a fitting that is right for you.

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